eurasian award, special achievements

Eurasian creative union – non-profit organisation

Union is established in 2013 by several country representatives: Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Belorussia, Tajikistan and India

Main goal of organisation is the development and support of creative and intellectual qualities of a person, considering ethnical diversity and human unity. Any person or a company, who’s activities correspond to the goals of ECU can become a member of the union.

Eurasian literature award was established the same year as Union – in 2013. It is dedicated to select such an artworks of literature, documentaries and journalist reports, that express Eurasian historically known deep intercultural spirit.

Nominations of “Eurasian literature award”

In the unity of cultures

(Journalistic materials published in both print and electronic media, journalistic articles and other works reflecting the modernity can be presented in this nomination.)

The truth about the past

(Nomination is devoted to documentary historical research of both book and journalistic format)

The meaning of Universe

(Philosophical and socio-psychological studies are considered in this nomination.)

Center of Eurasia

(This nomination is dedicated to compositions about Kazakhstan.)

A look into the future

(This nomination brings together works dedicated to the Future, as well as documentary and journalistic works from the field of futurology and science fiction.)



  • Shining lines (poetry)
  • Drama masterpieces (dramatic works and scripts)
  • Prose treasures (prosaic compositions of various forms)

In 2016 “Eurasian literature award” expanded its borders and evolved into new award “EURASIAN AWARD. SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS“, where any science, art and sports representative can take part.

Role models – examples of overcoming difficulties or developing special skills can also apply for the award. The award pays special attention to UNIQUENESS and HELPFULNESS of every person, their HUGE IMPACT.


  • Wearable badge
  • Stattuete
  • Certificate

All nominees of “Eurasian award. Special achievements” automatically become members of EURASIAN CREATIVE UNION

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