Eurasian creative union – non-profit organisation

main goal of organisation is the development and support of creative and intellectual qualities of a person, considering ethnic diversity and human unity.

eurasian creative union

Non-commercial public organization

Main goal of organisation is the development and support of creative and intellectual qualities of a person, considering ethnical diversity and human unity.

Any person or a company, who’s activities correspond to the goals of ECU can become a member of the union. Nominees of the Eurasian literature award automatically become members of Eurasian creative union.

I Евразийский творческий форум | I Eurasian Creative Forum

this year’s topic:
«Modern Eurasia: Science and art synthesis»

Forum’s aim: Integration of efforts of Eurasian community and creation of a ideas platform for joint search of solutions for science and arts problems.

Forum’s mission: assisting the increase of amount of young scientists and artists that are capable of modernising world’s culture and community.

“Networking and experience exchange is the main value of the international forums that gather experts from all over the world. It is very common that such kinds of personal interactions can lead to successful projects”


Forum tasks:

► create eurasian cooperation system in the fields of science and art and to realise joint projects;

► create Eurasian educational space;

► international youth tourism popularization, including ethnic and ecological tourism;

creation of conditions for the implementation of business projects;

► identification and support of the most effective forms of Eurasian interaction;

► create unified informational space for forum’s participants to ensure further cooperation;


Organisation committee:

  1. Karina Sarsenova Rashitovna – Eurasian Creative Union president, Russia writers union member
  2. Pereverzeva Irina Vladimirovna – Russian Federation consul in Almaty
  3. Nussenov Zholdasbek Muslimovich – Kaspian University rector
  4. Даниленко Валерий Николаевич Danilenko Valeriy Nikolayevich – PhD, professor, dean of genetics and microorganisms lab named after Vavilov I.I. (Russian Science Academy)
  5. Mussatayev Alikhan Keleshekuly – production center director
  6. Bashoyan Alexander Sarkisovich – Historian


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